Iván Éder

Iván Éder started to photograph the night sky in 2000 with a 150/900 Maksutov-Newtonian. He used film techniques with manual guiding. After 3 years of imaging he still got trailed stars. he could not handle differential flexure, so in 2003 I moved to a 130/780 TMB apochromatic refractor. Award winning photographer.

Contact: http://www.astroeder.com

“The Fornax 52 is a good mount, it has a great value for
the money. It has no backlash, and reacts immediately
to guiding corrections on both axes.”


ivan eder
Iván Éder is a FORNAX 51 user

I was born in 1979 in Budapest, Hungary. Astronomy has been my main interest since my childhood.  At age 13 I started visiting local public observatories, where my telescopic observations began. I bought my first telescope, a basic 150/1000 Newtonian from a Hungarian telescope maker in 1998. I started to photograph the night sky in 2000 with a 150/900 Maksutov-Newtonian telescope. I used film techniques and guided the exposures manually. Unfortunately after 3 years of imaging I still got trailed stars. I could not handle differential flexure of the mirror based Newtonian telescope system, so I moved to a lens telescope, I bought a 130/780 TMB apochromatic refractor. Finally I got pinpoint stars and great astro images with that scope. I used films and slides up to 120 format. Great images were taken with that instrument. In 2006 I moved to the field of digital photography with a modified Canon EOS 350D. In 2008 and 2009 I built two fast Newtonian astrographs with 300 mm and 200 mm apertures and upgraded the camera to a full frame 5DmkII to get more effective instruments. With those gears I was able to record faint objects like dusty dark nebulas within reasonable exposure time. You can read more about my telescopes here.

horse head
Horsehead Nebula region by Iván Éder
Mount: Fornax 51



In 2013 I bought a CCD camera (QSI683 WSG-8). With this camera I was able to shoot more detailed images and also using narrowband filters with several combinations. Living in the light polluted Budapest, the capital city of Hungary, I have to move out for every imaging session to get dark sky.  Ágasvár (Mount Mátra) is my most frequently visited observing site, it is 2 hours driving from my home. You can read more of this site here. In 2010 I visited farm Hakos in Namibia to observe the Southern beauties. Many great astro images were taken from this site since that year. These images are collected to this gallery. I have already publicated many images in international magazines, like Sky&Telescope, and on astronomical sites like APOD (Astronomy Picture of the Day). I regularly give presentations and have exhibitions in Hungary and Europe as well 


Center of Heart Nebula
Center of Heart Nebula by Iván Éder
Mount: Fornax 51