Accessories for LighTrack II

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FMW-200 wedge

The benefit of the FMW-200 wedge is that easy to adjust to a desired position, and its sturdiness helps to achieve more accurate tracking of your Lightrack II. The new FMW-200 wedge is specialy designed for the LighTrack II mount. Due to its precise friction-gearing incremental system, polar alignment has never been easier. Its increased stabilty paired with its light mobility makes the FMW-200 an ideal companion for astrophotography. Learn More

FMPS-10 illuminated polarscope

FMPS-10 illuminated polarscope for Fornax-52 Mount or LighTrack II mobile star tracker. It is always easier to use an iluminated polarscope than one without illumination. Learn More

HM5 Polar Alignment Scope

The HM5 Polar axis finder scope is a very useful accessory for the LighTrack II mobile star tracker. It speeds up and refines the polar alignment procedure so the observer can spend more valuable time observing, rather than setting up. The HM5 Polarscope is usable in both Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Learn More

Universal Polarscope adjustment adapter

You can adjust your polarscope with the adjustment adapter. It is compatible with Losmandy, EQ5, Lacerta, iOptron and any type of polarscopes with 24 mm diameter or less. Learn More

Adapter for QHYCCD PoleMaster

You can use your QHYCCD PoleMaster with LighTrack II star tracker portable tracking mount Learn More

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