Delil Geyik

Delil Geyik’s roots are from Mesopotamia, Dersim. He lives in Germany, Stuttgart. He’s an international photographer dealing with landscape and astrophotography. We met him in early July of 2017 and since then he’s using the LightTrack II mobile tracking on the move. He also deals with landscapes and combine the one and the other in a time blending with each other and make things visible and give them a story!

“Fornax Mounts LightTrack II I’ve noticed that this technique is perfect for my work and makes it a lot easier! It’s a great honor and joy for me to work with Fornax Mounts together.”

delil geyik

Delil Geyik: “Our Nightsky has always fascinated me, I always wanted to know what’s behind this dark wall unfortunately it’s not possible to see everything with the naked eye, so I directed my camera on the 16th of June 2014 for the first time in the direction of our night sky and since then I am a pioneer in this kind of photography and always looking for new things.”

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delil geyik milky way

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