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  • Ursa Minor - MC3-0

    Ursa Minor – MC3

    The Ursa Minor MC3 is an universal and powerful astronomical telescope controller. Whith this device, you can control equatorial astronomical telescope mounts. It provides goto functionality and it can cooperate with many kinds of autoguiders. The MC3 can be connected to a personal computer and can be used with many planetarium programs.

    With handcontroller:  850 EUR (exc. VAT)

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  • Ursa Minor - MC5-0

    Ursa Minor – MC5

    MC5 is the bigger brother of the MC3 controller. It is a powerful astronomical telescope controller with improved performance and extended functions. It is a perfect choice for demanding amateur astronomers for advanced imaging or operating a telescope completely remote.

    With handcontroller: 1439EUR (exc. VAT)
    With handcontroller and Heidenhain 25 bit encoders (both axises): 2200 EUR (exc. VAT)
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