Fornax Mounts T-shirt

Official Fornax Mounts T-shirt
Available sizes: S,M
Please contact us after purchase to choose your size.

18,00 (exc. VAT)


Available sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL 100% cotton

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  • LighTrack II portable star tracker 01

    LighTrack II mount


    We recommend this option if you already have a 2 way or 3 way adjustable head for your tripod and a polarscope, you also need a ballhead for your camera. 

    + LighTrack II mount only (with main accessories)

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  • Fornax 51/52-0

    Fornax 51/52

    The newest series of Fornax Telescope Mounts of German Equatorial type for precise positioning and tracking large telescopes up to 40kg. Although there are examples of use of even heavier telescopes, the recommended maximum load is 40kg - 50kg for this telescope mount.

    With MC5 controller
    4889 Euros (Exc. VAT.) + shipping 
    With MC5 controller + absolute encoders (2 Heidenhain ECN 125 2048 5XS08-c4 R)
    5489 Euros (Exc. VAT.) + shipping 

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  • Ursa Minor - MC3-0

    Ursa Minor – MC3

    The Ursa Minor MC3 is an universal and powerful astronomical telescope controller. Whith this device, you can control equatorial astronomical telescope mounts. It provides goto functionality and it can cooperate with many kinds of autoguiders. The MC3 can be connected to a personal computer and can be used with many planetarium programs.

    With handcontroller:  850 EUR (exc. VAT)

    695,00 (exc. VAT) Add to cart
  • Fornax 200

    The Fornax 200 mount has been specifically designed and developed for BlackGem project and the HAT Project (Hungarian Automated Telescope Project). The Fornax 200 is a heavy duty German Equatorial mount for precise positioning and tracking extremely large telescopes up to about 150 - 200kg.


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