Sergio Montúfar

Official Astrophotographer for Ciudad de La Plata Planetarium in Argentina since 2014. Landscape astrophotographer who likes to connect people, earth and sky since 2012. Timelapse and astrophotography director for the movie “el camino eterno”. My photos have being featured in several science outreach media like APOD, sky & telescope among others. Runner up for TWAN 2016.

It´s a honor and a pleasure to be brand ambassador of Fornax Mounts. I had a great experience and I had great time using it. Lightrack has been a great tool in the development of my landscape astrophotography projects, allowing me up to 6 minutes exposures without star trails. As a landscape astrophotographer I recommend the Lightrack for the production of your astronomical images. Easy to align to either the North and South polar hemispheres. Just find an easy to carry external baterry to power the mount and get those amazing astrophotographies. 

(Sergio Montúfar)

sergio montufar

My favorite and most challenging astrophotography technique is produce landscape astrophotography in Full Dome and VR format but I like any type of astrophotography. I am Guatemalan and I have a passion for astronomy and archaeology and I use my art to fight against light pollution and re-connect people with the sky.

LighTrack II full set


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