Astrolandscape winners


1st Place


Milky Way over Baobab Trees

Amirreza Kamkar

Technical Infos:

Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Samyang 24mm f/1.4@f/2.8, 30s exposure (on star tracker on half speed), ISO 3200

Image Description:

Central bulge of the Milky Way glows over Baobab trees, as seen from Avenue of Baobabs in Madagascar. Captured in July 2017.




2nd Place


Tower of Jewels

Lukáš Veselý


Technical Infos:

Canon R with 15-35 f2,8 RF @15 mm f4, 8 min , ISO 3200 3x focus stack for the foreground Canon Rp astromod with Canon RF 50 mm f1,8 @2,8, 30 sec, ISO 1600 for tracked stars stars multi-row stitched panorama to enhance details and reduce noise and lens coma, then fit the 15 mm field of view with correct positions of the Milky way to the foreground. Milkyway was captured near this foreground


Image Description:

Echium Wildpretti well known as Tajinaste Rojo or Teide Echium is an endemic plant that grows only in the caldera below Pico de Teide on Tenerife island. This piece was definitely 3 meters high. That day, the clouds reached the bottom of the caldera, which is not usuall. It was hard to fit into a moment without no cars and people with headlamps.




3rd Place


Game Of Reflections – Triple Star Trail At Biviere Di Cesarò Lake – Sicil

Dario Giannobile


Technical Infos:

canon 6d, sigma 14mm, 20 sec, iso 1600, f/2.5, 903 shots, a mirror on a tripod

Image Description:

Game Of Reflections – Triple Star Trail At Biviere Di Cesarò Lake – Sicily Last March, I went to the Biviere di Cesarò lake to take some shots including a particular star trail. On that occasion I was able to photograph the trail of the stars above Mount Etna and their reflection on the lake which is located in one of the darkest places in Sicily, the Nebrodi park. The final effect was a double star trail. Well, have you ever seen a triple star trail? No? There he is. We are in the same place but on this occasion I decided to bring a mirror with me in order to shoot in the same frame: the star trails above Etna, the reflection of the tracks on the lake and the celestial rotation around the polar reflected on the mirror. The shot is therefore a tribute to the celestial mechanics induced by the rotation of the earth taken in one of the most evocative places in Sicily.







4th Place



Author: Lukáš Veselý

Technical Infos:

Sky: Canon R + Sigma 100-400 on 150 mm, f5,6, ISO 1600, 25 sec tracked 20x Foreground: Canon R + Sigma 100-400 on 150 mm, f5,6, ISO 1600, 50 sec

Image Description:

The picture shows comet C3 / 2020 Neowise together with a lone tree on top of a hill in a field in the Křivoklátsko Protected Landscape Area in Czech Republic. Photographed during the light of the receding Moon at a focus of 150 mm. I was surprised by the amount of detail despite the moonlight. The clean air after the crossing of the atmospheric front and the location, which is excellent for star observation, played a big role here.






5th Place


Moonrise over Bombo

Jason De Freitas


Technical Infos:

Camera: Bronica SQ-A Exposure length: 2 hours Film: Fujifilm Neopan Acros 100


Image Description:

The moon traces a 2 hour journey rising over an old quarry landscape on the east coast of Australia.







6th Place

Moonset above Megyeri Bridge

György Soponyai



Technical Infos:

2021-03-15 Mogyoród, Hungary Canon EOS 5D Mark II + Canon EF 100/2.8 macro (3+12) x 2 sec, f/4, ISO 320


Image Description:

The lockdown of COVID-19 pandemic let me discover lots of new photo locations in walking distances near my home. For example: I just realized that despite the 13 km distance, I don’t need to travel for capturing great shots about Megyeri bridge, the northernmost and youngest one of Budapest. This photo sequence was taken the evening of 2021-03-15 as the 56-hour-old waxing crescent Moon is setting above the bridge.