Additional accessories for LighTrack II

All additional accessories for the LighTrack II portable star tracker.

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  • FMW-200 wedge-0

    FMW-200 wedge

    The FMW-200 wedge is specialy designed for the LighTrack II mount. Due to its precise friction-gearing incremental system, polar alignment has never been easier. Its increased stabilty paired with its light mobility makes the FMW-200 an ideal companion for astrophotography.

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  • FMTP-10 tripod-0

    FMTP-10 tripod

    FMTP-10 tripod with aluminium legs for LighTrack II. With a high load capacity of 22 to 30kg, they are particularly suited to astrophotography. The leg tubes are made from aluminium, making the tripods light but also very stable.
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  • FMC-100 counterbalance kit-0

    FMC-100 counterbalance kit



    The FMC-100 counterweight system would be a great addition to increase the payload of your LighTrack II mount. FMC-100 gives you the optimum performance with heavier camera lens or telescope.


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  • QHYCCD PoleMaster-0

    QHYCCD PoleMaster

    High Precision Wide Field of View

    High Precision: The PoleMaster's pixel resolution is approximately 30 arc seconds. The camera's pixel matrix itself is a good ruler, so the accuracy it measures is much higher than the accuracy of the macroscopic lens. In the best case it can achieve an alignment accuracy of 30 arc seconds. Wide Field of View: The electronic polar mirror has a large field of view of 11 degrees x 8 degrees, so it is easy to find the Polaris.
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  • QHYCCD PoleMaster adapter for LighTrack -0

    QHYCCD PoleMaster adapter for LighTrack

    You can use your QHYCCD PoleMaster with LighTrack II star tracker portable tracking mount.

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  • Vixen clamp-0

    Vixen clamp

    Vixen clamp for FMC-100 counterbalance kit. You can use two vixen clamps with the FMC-100. Balance your set-up with two equipments and you do not need any counterweights.

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  • Arca-Vixen plate-0

    Arca-Vixen plate

    Arca-swiss and vixen compatible plate. Special designed for the Vixen clamp of FMC-100 Counterbalance-kit. You can fix your camera to the FMC-100 Counterbalance-kit with this plate. You won't need to change the Vixen clamp to an Arca-swiss type.

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  • Counterweight for FMC-100-0

    Counterweight for FMC-100

    You can suplement your FMC-100 counterbalance-kit with extra weights.
    1950 grams / 4.3 pounds
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  • Universal Polarscope adjustment adapter-0

    Universal Polarscope adjustment adapter

    You can adjust your polarscope with the adjustment adapter. It is compatible with Losmandy, EQ5, Lacerta, iOptron and any type of polarscopes with 24 mm diameter or less.

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  • Autoguiding cable for LighTrack II-0

    Autoguiding cable for LighTrack II

    Autoguiding cable for LighTrack II

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  • Replacement power cable for LighTrack II-0

    Replacement power cable for LighTrack II

    Replacement power cable for LighTrack II. 3 m lenght. Cigar plug to 5.5/2.1 center positive DC plug.

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