Jonathan Giovannini

Jonathan Giovannini, 23 Years Old, Born in 1994. I was born in Sassoferrato, a tiny village in middle italy. I just graduated in Informatic Engineery, I have always been passionate about mountains and photography. In the last years, I became very passionate and interested about exploring nature and taking pictures in amazing locations. This passion suddenly became a need and now I am addicted to these kind of experiences.


My aim is to allow people to join my adventures and my feelings through my images. The most important thing for me is going in nature, in any period and with every weather condition, even in the night, to create my personal interpretation of what I see. Almost one year ago, I founded Mythlands Team: one of the most important landscape photography groups in Italy. Thanks to the relation with the other photographers I grew a lot both in the shooting and in the post production techniques. That’s the reason why I am always searching for new, exciting, goals.

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