-LighTrack II test review at Astronomy Magazine
Light weight, ease of use, and high accuracy make this mount a terrific choice.”

-LighTrack II – test review at Astronomy Technology Today magazine

“Although I’m firmly of the function-over-form school of astro tech, such perfection of fit and finish is always a plus, and the Lightrack II is Swiss-watch like gorgeous in that regard.” 

LighTrack II – test review at Sky at Night magazine
“Light by name and light by nature, this mount is great for astronomy on the go”

LighTrack II – test review at Sky News (by Gery Seronik)
“The LighTrack is a well-made, sturdy piece of equipment consisting largely of anodized aluminium components”

LighTrack II – test review at Astronomy Now Magazine
“I found the LighTrack II to be a pleasure to use. It delivered well-tracked images and was quick and simple to use”

-LighTrack II review (
The Fornax Mounts LighTrack II is a very high build quality tracking option that certainly won’t let you down in this regard.

LighTrack II test review at Spika Magazine (Slovenia)

LighTrack II – STAR PRODUCT OF THE YEAR (Astronomy Magazine)

LighTrack II – Sky and Telescope product showcase



Fornax 52 – test review at ATT Magazine (by Mark Zaslove)
“This is a very solid mount, particulary for hefting larger scopes in an observatory-type setting”



-FORNAX 10 – test review at Sky at Night magazine
“If tracking accuracy was the only criteria we were judging, this mount would had been the winner”


-Hungarian Heritage award to Gaspar Bakos and HATnet 
Gaspar Bakos and the HATnet project received the prestigious Hungarian Heritage Award for the discovery of extra-solar planets. The award was presented at the Hungarian Academy of Science.