German Type Eq Mounts
Germany Type EQ mounts

German type
eq mount series

Robust and accurate
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Robust body

The newest series of Fornax Telescope Mounts are designed for the most demanding observers who require the utmost precision in their astronomy equipment. With the latest technology and engineering. Our German Type Equatorial Mounts provide accurate positioning and tracking of large telescopes. Choose from our three sizes - FORNAX 55, FORNAX 105, and FORNAX 155 - to find the perfect fit for your needs and upgrade your observing experience.

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No backlash

Introducing our advanced telescope mount, built to last with a combination of sturdy materials. Our innovative drive mechanism is weatherproof, dust-proof, and requires minimal maintenance. Plus, our precise design eliminates backlash for a seamless observing experience. Upgrade your telescope setup with our top-of-the-line mount.


The Fornax EQ mounts have rock solid stability, superb mechanical design and construction, unprecedented tracking ability and handy software make it my mount of choice for several different instruments. Through the years I used it in my backyards and in my first home observatory too sufficiently.

Highly Accurate

Experience unparalleled precision and durability with our advanced telescope mount. Crafted with the highest quality materials and engineering, this mount delivers a typical periodic error of less than +/- 6 arc seconds (one period on the worm gear is 7.5 minutes long!) and is designed to minimize any play or backlash, even when using auto guiding. The sturdy construction ensures reliable performance and requires minimal maintenance, making it the ideal choice for both observatories and portable setups. Whether you're an experienced astrophotographer or just starting out, trust in the superior built quality of our mount to capture stunning images of the cosmos.

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Fornax equatorial mount series

Fornax 55


Mount weight - 35 kg
Max payload capacity - 50 kg
Gear - D 194 mm, 1 modul

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Fornax 105


Mount weight - 50 kg
Max payload capacity - 90 kg
Gear - D 245.5 mm, 1.25 modul

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Fornax 155


Mount weight - 70 kg
Max payload capacity - 120 kg
Gear - D 292.5 mm, 1.5 modul

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