Fornax 105

Introducing the NEW FORNAX 105 German Type Equatorial Mount – your ultimate solution for precise positioning and tracking of large telescopes weighing up to 90 kg (~198.5 lbs). While there are instances of use with even heavier telescopes, we recommend a maximum load of 80kg (~175lbs) for optimal performance. Our mount is designed with the latest technology and engineering, ensuring superior precision and stability during observation. Upgrade your astronomy equipment with the FORNAX 105 for a reliable and impressive observing experience.



With MC5 controller
8899 Euros (Exc. VAT.) + shipping

With MC5 controller + absolute encoders (2 Heidenhain ECN 125 2048 5XS08-c4 R)
10799 Euros (Exc. VAT.) + shipping


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The NEW Fornax 105 

The Fornax 105 German Equatorial Mount Introducing the Fornax 105 German Equatorial Mount – the ultimate heavy-duty mount designed for precise positioning and tracking of extremely large telescopes weighing up to 90kg. Constructed with premium quality materials including aluminum alloy, bronze, and stainless steel, this mount is built to last for years to come. The worm and electric motor are enclosed in a sealed space, providing protection against dust and temperature fluctuations while requiring minimal maintenance. Thanks to our innovative inner drive mechanism, this mount operates without any backlash, providing superior precision during observation. Upgrade your astronomy equipment with the Fornax 105 for a reliable and exceptional observing experience.



Fornax 100-155

A Sturdy Companion

The Robust Body of the Fornax 105 telescope mount is a heavy-duty German Equatorial mount for precise positioning and tracking of extremely large telescopes up to 90kg. Constructed using aluminum alloy, bronze, and stainless steel, the mechanism of this sturdy mount is built to withstand the rigors of regular use. The worm and electric motor are located in an enclosed, sealed space, making it less sensitive to dust and temperature fluctuations and practically maintenance-free. Thanks to the ingenious solution of the inner drive mechanism, this telescope mount doesn’t suffer from any backlash.



Fornax 100-154


Exceptional Tracking

The Precision of the Fornax 105 With the Fornax 105, you can enjoy exceptional tracking and high-precision imaging with ease. The typical periodic error when not guided is less than +/- 6 arc seconds, with one period on the worm gear lasting 7.5 minutes. With encoders, this can be reduced to below +/-0.5 arc seconds, ensuring accuracy in every observation. When using auto guiding, the mount reacts immediately, so corrections are very fast and completely free of play. This makes the Fornax 105 the ultimate solution for astrophotography with a high quality/price ratio. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned astronomer, the Fornax 105 is the perfect mount for capturing stunning celestial objects.





Mount weight 50 kg 
Max payload capacity: 90 kg (counterweight excluded)
Photographic payload:  70 kg (counterweight excluded)
Overall dimensions: 270 x 696 x 525 mm
Shaft diameter: 80 mm, anodised aluminium alloy
Bearings: diameter 125mm, high precision tapered roller bearings in X layout
Gear: diameter 242.5mm, 1.25 modul, bronze, 192 teeth
Worm: diameter 33mm, multiple thread, grinded, hardened, corrosion proof steel (KO13)
Periodic Error: < +/- 6 arc seconds
Periodic Error (with encoder): < +/- 0.5 arc seconds
Stepper Motors 200-phase step / rev., 1.7Nm
Voltage and Current: 24V DC, 3.5A peak power consumption at max. load
Step-resolution: 0.25 arc seconds / step with MC3 and 0,03  arc seconds / step with OC5 
Maximum speed: 4 degrees / second
Counterbalance holder tube: diameter 42.4mm (1.25” KO33 tube) x length 570mm 


Fornax 105 Mount Dimensions (technical drawing)
Fornax 105 Pier Top Dimensions (technical drawing)

The Pacman nebula (NGC 281)

The Pacman nebula (NGC 281) (photo by Iván Éder)

Dumbell nebula (M27)

Dumbell nebula (M27) (photo by Iván Éder)

NGC 891 galaxy

NGC 891 galaxy (photo by Iván Éder)

The part of North-America nebula

The part of North-America nebula  (photo by Iván Éder)

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