Fornax 55

The newest series of Fornax Telescope Mounts of German Equatorial type for precise positioning and tracking large telescopes up to 40kg. Although there are examples of use of even heavier telescopes, the recommended maximum load is 40kg – 50kg for this telescope mount.

With MC5 controller
6199 Euros (Exc. VAT.) + shipping 
With MC5 controller + absolute encoders (2 Heidenhain ECN 125 2048 5XS08-c4 R)
7999 Euros (Exc. VAT.) + shipping 

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Our team has leveraged our extensive experience to design the mechanics of the FORNAX 55 with precision and excellence in mind. Every component is carefully crafted with precision CNC machining, resulting in a mount that’s unmatched in reliability and performance. We’ve implemented improvements based on feedback from previous models, ensuring that the FORNAX 55 is the ultimate choice for capturing stunning astrophotography. Trust in the superior quality and attention to detail of our mount to elevate your stargazing experience.

This model is suitable for both observatories and to carry it around!

The New Fornax 55 comes with much strengthened and improved wormbox that makes it an even more precise mount. The new CNC machined housing of the worm drive is strong as the former versions. This mount has got an extra unit that holds it in exact position, eliminating any sideway movement.




Robust Body 


The Fornax 55 telescope mount is a heavy duty German Equatorial mount for precise positioning and tracking extremely large telescopes up to about 40-50kg. The mechanism of this extremely sturdy mount is being made of aluminium alloy,  bronze and stainless steel. The worm and the electric motor are located in an enclosed, sealed space, making it less sensitive to dust and temperature fluctuations, and is practically maintenance free. Thanks to the ingenious solution of the inner drive mechanism this telescope mount doesn’t suffer from any backlash.



horse head ivan eder fornax 52

Photo by Iván Éder

High accurate tracking

Thanks to the ingenious solution of the inner drive mechanism this telescope mount doesn’t suffer from any backlash. Typical periodic error (when not guided) is less than +/- 6 arc seconds (one period on the worm gear is 7.5 minutes long!) When using a encoders, this can be reduced to below +/-0.5 arc seconds. When using auto guiding, the mount reacts immediately, so corrections are very fast and completely free of play.


ivan eder

Photo by Iván Éder



Mount weight 35 kg
Max payload capacity: 50kg (counterweight excluded)
Photographic payload:  30 kg (counterweight excluded)
Overall dimensions: 220 x 470 x 540 mm
Shaft diameter: 60mm, anodised aluminium alloy
Bearings: diameter 95mm, high precision tapered roller bearings in X layout
Gear: diameter 194mm, 1 modul, bronze, 192 teeth
Worm: diameter 22mm, multiple thread, grinded, hardened, corrosion proof steel (KO13)
Periodic Error: < +/- 6 arc seconds
Periodic Error (with encoders): < +/- 0.5 arc seconds
Stepper Motors: 200-phase step / rev., 1.3Nm
Voltage and Current: 12V DC, 3.5A peak power consumption at max. load
Step-resolution: 0.25 arc seconds / step with MC3 and 0,03  arc seconds / step with OC5 
Maximum speed: 4 degrees / second
Counterweight holder shaft: diameter: 33.7mm (1,3267” KO33 tube) and length 470mm


Fornax 55 Mount Dimensions (technical drawing)
Fornax 55 Pier Top Dimensions (technical drawing)


The Lion of Cepheus (photo by Lóránd Fényes)

ivan eder fornax 52
Horsehead Nebula region (photo by Iván Éder)

ivan eder fornax 52
Soap Bubble and Crescent Nebula (NGC 6888) (photo by Iván Éder)

ivan eder fornax 52
Center of Heart Nebula (photo by Iván Éder)

ivan eder fornax 52
The Great Andromeda Galaxy (M31) (photo by Iván Éder)

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