Ambassadors of FORNAX MOUNTS

Alex Conu is an award-winning photographer, living in the Lofoten Islands, Norway. He has been fascinated with the night sky for as long as he can remember and has been an active promoter of astronomy to the public. Alex enjoys pretty much any kind of astrophotography, but likes being mobile. He is a member of TWAN - The World at Night.
Yuri Beletsky, an astronomer and nightscape astrophotographer. Images obtained by Yuri have been featured on popular websites, TV, in press releases, and in various books and magazines. He continually shares his passions for astronomy and astrophotography with people around the world.
Iván Éder started to photograph the night sky in 2000 with a 150/900 Maksutov-Newtonian. I used film techniques with manual guiding. After 3 years of imaging I still got trailed stars. I could not handle differential flexure, so in 2003 I moved to a 130/780 TMB apochromatic refractor. Award winning photographer.
Lóránd Fényes is a member of the Hungarian amateur astrophotographer community. Special award winner of the Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition and had the honor of being selected for the NASA's APOD several times. After many years of practicing DSLR astrophotography, he graduated to an another experience and started working with CCD cameras on Fornax mounts.

Sergio Montúfar

Official Astrophotographer for Ciudad de La Plata Planetarium in Argentina since 2014. Landscape astrophotographer who likes to connect people, earth and sky since 2012. Timelapse and astrophotography director for the movie "el camino eterno". My photos have being featured in several science outreach media like APOD, sky & telescope among others. Runner up for TWAN 2016. My favorite and most challenging astrophotography technique is produce landscape astrophotography in Full Dome and VR format but I like any type of astrophotography. I am Guatemalan and I have a passion for astronomy and archaeology and I use my art to fight against light pollution and re-connect people with the sky.

Delil Geyik

Delil Geyik (29) his roots are from Mesopotamia, Kurdistan. He lives in Germany, Stuttgart. He's an international photographer dealing with landscape and astrophotography.We met him in early July of 2017 and since then he's using the LightTrack II mobile tracking on the move. Delil Geyik:"Our Nightsky has always fascinated me, I always wanted to know what's behind this dark wall unfortunately it's not possible to see everything with the naked eye, so I directed my camera on the 16th of June 2014 for the first time in the direction of our night sky and since then I am a pioneer in this kind of photography and always looking for new things." I also deal with landscapes and combine the one and the other in a time blending with each other and make things visible and give them a story! Fornax Mounts LightTrack II I've noticed that this technique is perfect for my work and makes it a lot easier! It's a great honor and joy for me to work with Fornax Mounts together.

Jonathan Giovannini

Jonathan Giovannini, 23 Years Old, Born in 1994. I was born in Sassoferrato, a tiny village in middle italy. I just graduated in Informatic Engineery, I have always been passionate about mountains and photography. In the last years, I became very passionate and interested about exploring nature and taking pictures in amazing locations. This passion suddenly became a need and now I am addicted to these kind of experiences. My aim is to allow people to join my adventures and my feelings through my images. The most important thing for me is going in nature, in any period and with every weather condition, even in the night, to create my personal interpretation of what I see. Almost one year ago, I founded Mythlands Team: one of the most important landscape photography groups in Italy. Thanks to the relation with the other photographers I grew a lot both in the shooting and in the post production techniques. That's the reason why I am always searching for new, exciting, goals.